I hate it when in Spamano, Romano is shown as ‘weak’ and ‘submissive’. He’s a man god-damn it (and a pretty damn bad-ass one at that)! Treat him like one!
p.s. I also prefer Spain bottoming

hate it when in Spamano, Romano is shown as ‘weak’ and ‘submissive’. He’s a man god-damn it (and a pretty damn bad-ass one at that)! Treat him like one!

p.s. I also prefer Spain bottoming

wasnt that one romano=/=weak submission supposed to be a photo post rather than just a text post with a bunch of links in it

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I feel like the only one in the entire fandom who thinks that Prussia really would be better off alone. He’s an interesting enough character without having a partner and I can’t help but think that he’d have more psychological depth if he stayed single.

I would MUCH rather see Spain with Ukraine than Belgium. For some reason, I just can’t stand SpaBel. Maybe it’s because I only ship Belgium with Denmark? I just can’t see her with Spain or Romano.

But I think Spain and Ukraine look wonderful together! And personality-wise, I feel like they’d be a better fit than Belgium and Spain.

I don’t ship France and Seychelles because I think of them more like brother and sister.

On the 2P!Allies

I think the Hetalia fandom has gone too far on what the 2P!Allies should be. While most lean for the fanon designs done by artists like Beek, others try using sketches Hiramuya did of the Allied nations from dark periods of hisory to justify that Hiramuya made the 2P!Allies a long time ago.

This has led to submissions on this site by people who try to stir arguments and prove that the fanon designs are not canon!2P!Allies, or that the fanon!2P!designs are canon since they’re similar to the 2P!Fem!Allies designs released by Hiramuya and that a ton of people roleplay/draw/write fanfictions about them. To me, it shows that they’re stirring up arguments because they want their version of 2P!Hetalia to be popular and so on.

It gets me riled each time someone tries to use some preposterous way to prove that 2P!Allies are canon. Hopefully, Hiramuya can show us the official other color versions of the Allies soon.

Personally, I think Fem!England should be used in the series. I find her way better than her male counterpart.

Can we submit opinions through ask?


Reading the Atmosphere

When it comes to the legendary “inability to read the atmosphere,” I don’t think of America of Veneziano. I think of Latvia.

#rape #csa

It bothers me a LOT when people use Himaruya’s early Hetalia strips to support their opinion that “France/Spain/etc. is a molester in canon”.

Especially since Himaruya deleted his really old strips where the “”punchline”” involves chibi!Italy getting sexually harassed. I’m pretty sure he’s deleted some other ones, too. 

He’s also changed France’s personality into less of “the pervert”, into more of a doting romantic. Similarly, Russia’s characterization seems to have moved on from a borderline-ableist stereotype of people with personality disorders, to a lonely, tragic character with a desire to make friends. 

I’m pretty sure he’s mostly moved on from his offensive “”“humor”“”. So why do people have to keep digging up his older material + characterizations? In my opinion, it’s pretty clear he wants people to forget about most of it.