I really don’t like the fan-artist Kagome-Inuyashkina. :/

I really hate how she always portrays Ukraine as basically nothing more than a moe-blob or a sex toy for one of multiple characters. Ukraine is so much more than just some toy or some accessory.

And not to mention that she can be pretty rude if you don’t ship Turkraine [which is part of the reason I’ve stopped liking it, watching the way some of the fans act towards people who ship Ukraine or Turkey with others].

my OTP is ruslat and i hate how all of the content for it is rape? even the fics that claim not to be rape are actually still rape. its ridiculous. i feel like the fandom is slightly better about it now than it was a couple years ago, but now ruslat is an even less popular pairing so no one writes/draws it and all im left with is 4-year-old rape fic.

Sometimes, what bugs me about the fandom is that they’ll say that certain AUs like Demontalia are canon, even though they clearly aren’t.

For example, I ran into this issue when a group of Hetalia RPers were talking about how Wingtalia was canon, even though I knew that it was an AU created by a fan for fanart purposes. I wanted to speak up, but I worried I would get verbally bashed for saying things that were “inaccurate”, especially by one particular RPer who obsesses over historical accuracy and how things should go in RPs.

If it were canon, Hiramuya would’ve already created designs and posted them. So calm yourself Hetalia fandom, for not ALL AUs RPed aren’t made official. 

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There’s  something about Cardverse that I don’t really like. I can’t place my finger on it, though. I love most Hetalia AU’s, but Cardverse (and 2P Hetalia but that’s neither here nor there) are just… ehh. I wish I could explain it. It’s weird because I like GerPan and USUK, like, a lot. :/ And I don’t mind RusHun or FraLiech either.

I guess it’s because a lot of fanfictions involving that AU, especially focusing on the Hearts or Spades, tend to be like… creepy and heteronormative? There’s nothing wrong with a male-identifying character holding the title of “Queen”, but in fanfics it’s just. Y’know. Some of them just remind me of really bad yaoi storylines. 

It’s silly imo to dislike something because of how it’s portrayed in fanon. But eh. It’s an AU with a lot of potential, but no matter what I just can’t get interested in it, even with fanworks that don’t focus on shipping and instead on universe building and cool things.

*sobs a lot tbh*

If there’s one thing I can’t stand about some people in this fandom, it’s how they play off serious illnesses as nothing more than a joke or a ploy for attention.

I mean, I’ve heard of this one roleplayer that gave their muse cancer, but then they play it off as nothing but a way to get attention because it can’t kill them. Do they have any idea how insensitive and insulting that is to people who’ve actually lost people they loved to cancer? It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a “good reason" to give it to your muse, it’s still insensitive and offensive as hell, and it’s practically a slap in the face to anyone you or your muse speaks to.

And don’t get me started on all the fan fictions and roleplays/roleplayers out there who treat serious problems like depression, bipolar disorder, ect. the same exact way. It’s sickening, and this fandom really needs to learn not to treat such serious problems as nothing more than fodder for their OTPs.

I don’t like how people are so judgemental over shippings. Sure, I don’t much like UsUk and Franada, because of implied pedo-ness (come on, theses nations brought up the Americas) but one of my closest friends has them both as her OTP, so I’ve explored them both to my fill, and I accept her love for the pairings, even encouraging it at some points.

I don’t do what most people in this fandom would seem to do and start a fucking war over opinion differences. My OTP is Russia/America, and basically nobody I know supports it, but I’m still friends with them, they respect my view and search for fanart and fanfics I would like, and i do the same for them. We don’t have arguments over shitty diffrerences.

Also, Canada. Canada is just an introvert who can fucking stick up for himself, IF IT SUITS HIM TO. Just because he’s polite doesn’t mean he’s frail and fucking helpless, he’s just a regular guy, and one of the nicer ones. That applies to Italy too, he’s not helpless either.

I hate the fact that I’ve seen people who go crazy and adore the nyotalia girls but leave the original females from the series in the dust. The girls never have had their own episode all together and some haven’t even made an appearance in the new season. I know most of the fandom doesn’t hate them but when people say any of the females are “cockblocks” for their otp again I swear Ima smack a bitch upside the head. Bitch I’m sorry if you get enraged when you see a hetero ship but that doesn’t give you an excuse to act like a maniac and bash the girls. They are badass motha fuckas. The nyotalia girls even got their own episode for fuck sake!

I hate it when people create state oc’s that are just completely inaccurate stereotypes for those states (this goes for country oc’s too). Hetalia is less about stereotypes and more about the quirky things people from various countries do. these things are not necessarily bad, only different from what other countries do and add to the diversity on earth, and i think Himaruya handles these things respectfully. So instead of making Tennessee a redneck hillbilly, make them a bit outdoorsy. other ideas can be found here (x)

I’d honestly like HetaOni much better better if it was a human au rather them bring nations, because honestly would you really think that the countries would spend their delicate time exploring some random mansion in the middle of nowhere without even looking into it’s backstory? I’d feel that they’d be more mature then that. The plot sounds like something the Scooby Gang or AoT or Teen Titans or youthful innocent minded teenagers have. Not some ancient men whom should have more senses.

I don’t mind when people used “Veneziana” for Nyo North Italy and “Romana” for Nyo South Italy. With the Regular North and South Italy “Veneziano” and “Romano” are part of the country names and refer to Venice and Rome. I don’t see why the Nyo counterparts shouldn’t also have a country name that refers to Venice and Rome (Unless you’re making them represent another region). I do, however, think that when it comes to human names people can do better then Feliciana and Lovina. Himaruya’s names are pretty good and if those won’t work then there are a whole host of wonderful names to use out there.