Personally, I think Fem!England should be used in the series. I find her way better than her male counterpart.

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Reading the Atmosphere

When it comes to the legendary “inability to read the atmosphere,” I don’t think of America of Veneziano. I think of Latvia.

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It bothers me a LOT when people use Himaruya’s early Hetalia strips to support their opinion that “France/Spain/etc. is a molester in canon”.

Especially since Himaruya deleted his really old strips where the “”punchline”” involves chibi!Italy getting sexually harassed. I’m pretty sure he’s deleted some other ones, too. 

He’s also changed France’s personality into less of “the pervert”, into more of a doting romantic. Similarly, Russia’s characterization seems to have moved on from a borderline-ableist stereotype of people with personality disorders, to a lonely, tragic character with a desire to make friends. 

I’m pretty sure he’s mostly moved on from his offensive “”“humor”“”. So why do people have to keep digging up his older material + characterizations? In my opinion, it’s pretty clear he wants people to forget about most of it. 

I absolutely loathe how many fandoms potray France as a rapist or Spain as a pedophile. It just rubs me the wrong way. I mean, come on, people. Just because France is really flirty and Spain said that Romano was cute dosen’t mean they’re perverts! It’s supposed to be humorous, for God’s sake. 

I like Ukraine, I just think some people in her fanbase have made her into a bit of a Mary Sue and they portray her as nothing more than a sexed up whore. I’m really sick of her being drawn as nothing but this! Remember: fandom abuse kills interest.

I’ve seen a few posts on here talking about a Hetalia AU called Chaos, and I see mostly people hating on them. After running into one of the other members (all the hate seems to focus on one of the AU members in particular) in Chatzy, this is my 2 cents. Not every member of the AU is terrible, even if the Chaos!Italy needs some serious character redesign. There’s an ask on Deviant Art with the Japan from that AU and it’s not so bad if you don’t mind typed accents. Instead of being sheeple just go search for “Honda Yori” and draw your own conclusion.

I can’t stand Seychelles or Hungary. I don’t know why but they really just get on my nerves.

I can’t stand Seychelles or Hungary. I don’t know why but they really just get on my nerves.

I enjoy trans headcanons, but I really dislike the idea of Poland being a transgirl.

What I enjoy about them is their “IDGAF” attitude about everything. They wear skirts because they don’t give a fuck, they don’t care that they have a dick, they want to look fabulous and anyone who has a problem with it can fuck off. For Poland to have a desire to be seen as female, I believe, makes them less interesting. And if we can’t even accept a cis guy wearing a dress as male, how can we accept a trans guy who likes to wear dresses? It does more harm than good.

I enjoy Poland being non-binary (especially genderfluid or agender, I think those fit best) but the amount of fans in this group who subscribe to transgirl Poland just grate on me.

I ship Romano and Liechtenstein so hard. They are absolutely adorable.